On the Cutting Edge

The foundation of our industry is people enabled by leading technology. VersaCold’s technology strategy directly aligns with our mission to provide innovative and integrated solutions to support our customers’ current and future needs. We see technology as a key to enhance, differentiate and add value to our customers’ supply chains.

A large portion of a recent $28 million investment has gone to upgrading our Labour Management Software (LMS), Transportation Management Software (TMS) and Warehouse Management Software (WMS), and the integration of all platforms into our ERP system. This combined with advanced Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools are helping take our business to the next level.

Integration and Dependability

We know that knowledge and accuracy are critical components to managing an efficient supply chain. We provide integration of multiple design and operational systems that can be integrated with our customers’ systems. Our team provides 24/7 coverage with internal and external dedicated resources to support our infrastructure. We operate our primary data centre in Montreal with a redundant system in Vancouver to ensure uninterrupted service.

Technology Systems Overview

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

VersaCold’s proprietary Power2 (P2) is a fully capable and robust WMS. The system allows for and utilizes standard EDI transaction sets for Receipt of Orders, Order Confirmation, Notification of Inbound, Receipt Confirmations, Inventory Adjustment as well as Inventory Notifications/Management and others. VersaCold systems directly communicate EDI documents and can also utilize other communication methods such as the internet.

P2 offers a variety of product rotation, inventory control & management, tracing and order details as prescribed by our customers’ requirements. RF capability integrated with P2 allows us to provide the most efficient methods of picking and pick line replenishment to assure the proper rotation and selection of product for shipping. We also employ voice recognition pick options which again offer efficient methods to best achieve engineered standards of productivity.

From Pallet, to Shelf, to Your Customers’ Hands at the Push of a Button with ePower

Our proprietary ePower system enables you to get your product to market and in your customers’ hands – on time, every time. Providing up-to-the-minute, real-time data and visibility into your inventory, allowing you to run reports, order product, and more, all at the push of a button – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – ePower makes it easier to run your business and serve your valued clients.


  • View receipts, shipments, inventory and run reports all in one place
  • Conveniently place orders anywhere, any time
  • Easily access inventory levels at all VersaCold warehouses across Canada
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Labour Management System (LMS)

As a natural extension of our WMS, the Labour Management System (LMS) drives our engineering labour standards within warehouse operations. JDA is the backbone of the system and the market leader in labour standards tool sets. LMS is software that uses a complex set of engineered labour standards developed specifically for each site to measure accurate employee performance standards for specific activities. The solution links direct productive time from our WMS, P2, to the overall time spent by our employees in our site. LMS monitors overall performance, increases productivity, reduces unit labour costs and improves scheduling supporting our Performance Driven culture.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Interfacing with our WMS is our Transportation Management System based on the TMW (“TruckMate”) platform. It acts to eliminate redundant administration tasks such as placing of orders with carriers. The system provides for multiple billing methods, ratings, billing units, currencies and frequencies as required. Clients have web access and all invoicing is interfaced with our corporate ERP financial systems with appropriate auditing. We continue to invest in upgrades and are currently deploying remote sensor monitoring with real time visibility of our assets.


Orchestrating with Precision

We operate 23 cold storage distribution centres across Canada to warehouse your temperature-sensitive food products.

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Integrated Logistics

Partnership with Purpose

We provide integrated cold chain services solutions—including distribution, 3PL and 4PL services—that link directly to your business goals.

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VersaCold Transportation SolutionsTM

VersaCold Transportation SolutionsTM operates the widest network of temperature-controlled, food-focused LTL services in Canada.

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