You Make It. We’ll Do the Rest

Manufacturers want to manufacture. You want to focus on producing and perfecting your product, not supply chain headaches and logistics nightmares. VersaCold’s manufacturer solution takes those problems off your plate, giving you the confidence that your raw materials will be ready when you need them, and your product will be available when your customers have to have it.

Managing the Movement

Manufacturing is all about the flow of materials. You need the right inventory in the right place in the right amount and complete visibility into any inventory movement—all while making sure materials are properly handled in transit and that multiple regulations and compliance issues are adhered to. Our experience means we can easily juggle all of these issues while you concentrate on your product.

Lots of Questions

When materials are on the move, how do you trace lots and shipments, find out what happened to a particular box or manage a critical product recall?
On the outbound side, how much inventory do you keep? Where do you store finished inventory to ensure stores don’t run out? Questions surrounding product on the shelf and maintaining availability can become extremely complex calculations.

We’ve Got the Answers

VersaCold’s manufacturer solution is based on a deep knowledge of these issues and broad experience in addressing them. Our technology is specifically designed with manufacturing challenges in mind.

We help you:

  • Trace and track all product details to enable an efficient recall process
  • Move up or delay delivery on short notice by working closely with the plant
  • Optimize inventory volumes to minimize transportation costs
  • Set up manufacturing or packaging operations within our facilities
  • Store finished inventory as needed or do fast turnaround direct store delivery to keep costs low
  • Undertake a modal analysis to determine the most efficient delivery methods
  • Manage the whole distribution and global transportation process with a complete range of supply chain service offerings
  • Leverage the right assets—ours or another party’s—to bring the exact solution you need

We have the knowledge and experience to craft a manufacturer solution designed to get the best performance out of your process.

Manufacturer Solutions Technology


We know that information is as critical a component of your supply chain as the physical movement of your product. At VersaCold, our focus on innovation and continuous improvement ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of temperature controlled logistics – today and into the future. Technology platforms specific to each of our services are designed to work together to provide integrated solutions customized to each of our clients and their temperature specific logistics needs.

Integrated Capabilities

Watch Costs Go Down and Efficiencies Go Up

Dealing with VersaCold as a single supplier for each element of your supply chain delivers peace of mind. We have the ability to combine any or all of our offerings—like global transportation, warehousing and integrated logistics, with services such as direct-to-store distribution, 3PL and 4PL. We offer everything you need to create a customized, integrated solution designed to put your food at the forefront of the cold supply chain. 

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Retailer Solutions

More products, more SKUs. Retail environments continue to change. VersaCold has the supply chain solutions that continue to change with them.

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Food Service & Franchise Solutions

Food service supply chain management requires a carrier with maximum flexibility in processes, equipment and technologies. VersaCold has developed a solution tailored specifically to the food service industry.

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Orchestrating with Precision

We operate 23 cold storage distribution centres across Canada to warehouse your temperature-sensitive food products.

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CPX | Coastal Pacific Xpress

CPX specializes in the expedited TL and LTL shipment of temperature-sensitive perishable food products across North America.

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Integrated Logistics

Partnership with Purpose

We provide integrated cold chain services solutions—including distribution, 3PL and 4PL services—that link directly to your business goals.

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