Flexible Distribution

Businesses looking to expand and flourish often need a flexible distribution network. Enter VersaCold Transportation Solutions.

With the widest network of temperature-controlled, food-focused LTL in Canada, we have the capacity and reach to efficiently distribute products for customers of all sizes. Our regularly scheduled services to key markets provide a cost-efficient way for shippers to ensure the right amount of product gets to customers when needed and achieve frequent stock replenishment.

Our Network

• Domestic LTL and TL transportation solutions
• Regularly scheduled service between Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada
• Direct-to-store delivery (DSD)
• Certified to run long combination vehicles (LCVs)

Our Know-How

• Reverse logistics
• Regulatory expertise
• Multi-temperature trailers
• Equipment and drivers conform to the highest safety standards

Transportation (VersaCold Transportation Solutions)


At VersaCold, our focus on innovation and continuous improvement ensures your food is always being treated with cutting-edge temperature-controlled logistics. Our biggest technological advantage is our usage of IoT (the Internet of Things). We have tiny IoT sensors placed in all 27 of our warehouse facilities, trailers and reefer units, which allows us to continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of our shipments and warehouses all over the continent. We also offer our TruckMate® TMS application, which provides real-time web access to our transportation management system so you can accurately track your shipment status all the way through delivery.

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Our Transit Matrix is an easy-to-read delivery schedule for both our LTL and TL transportation services—standard and expedited—and our North America transportation services. The schedule shows the number of days a delivery will take between any of our Canadian and US service areas.


Orchestrating with Precision

We operate 27 cold storage distribution centres across Canada to warehouse your temperature-sensitive food products.

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CPX | Coastal Pacific Xpress

CPX specializes in the expedited TL and LTL shipment of temperature-sensitive perishable food products across North America.

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Integrated Logistics

Partnership with Purpose

We provide integrated cold chain services solutions—including distribution, 3PL and 4PL services—that link directly to your business goals.

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