A to B, and All Points in Between

Dealing with VersaCold as a single supplier for each element of your temperature-sensitive supply chain delivers peace of mind. We can help reduce costs, increase reliability and give you more time to focus on your core business.

Nothing else we do counts unless we can deliver food safety and cold chain integrity. Our investment in a dedicated food safety and cold chain quality assurance team helps ensure the integrity, quality and freshness of your products and the health and wellness of the families who enjoy them. No other supply chain company in Canada can match our capability in this area. There are no higher standards than our own.


Delivering Food Safety and Service Efficiency

To ensure the safe and efficient movement of food through the supply chain, VersaCold employs two critical groups:


Cold Chain Assurance

Our team of food safety experts helps ensure the safety, quality and freshness of the food families eat. Food safety leaders embedded within VersaCold’s service groups, ensuring that daily activities meet food safety requirements. The team also strategically works to ensure that new facilities achieve BRC standards and new processes adhere to the highest food safety requirements.

Supply Chain Solutions

Our team of experienced process engineers develop customized solutions to meet your unique needs. They work across VersaCold to align services to meet new customer needs and also interface with current customers on an ongoing basis to improve service delivery.


Orchestrating with Precision

VersaCold operates 23 distribution centres across Canada, with temperature-controlled storage to warehouse your perishable products. All of our facilities meet HACCP certification requirements and the majority of our facilities are also BRC-certified, giving you confidence that your food is safe with us.

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Integrity That Goes the Distance

Whether you’re looking for expedited or standard, LTL, TL or domestic, we have you covered. Our exceptional food safety and Cold Chain Assurance team ensures the quality and freshness of your product, while our transportation management system provides total visibility every step of the way.

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VersaCold Transportation

VersaCold Transportation SolutionsTM operates the widest network of temperature-controlled, food-focused less-than-truckload (LTL) services in Canada. With regularly scheduled service to key markets, we make it easy for shippers of all sizes to service customers nationwide.

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Integrated Logistics

Partnership with Purpose

VersaCold provides integrated solutions—including distribution, 3PL and 4PL services—that link directly to your business. You can leverage our consulting expertise and insights throughout every aspect of your supply chain for added value and strategy from end to end.

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Retailer Solutions

A Changing Environment

More products, more SKUs. Retail environments continue to change. VersaCold has the supply chain solutions that continue to change with them.

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Food Service & Franchise Solutions

Where Public and Product meet

Food service supply chain management requires a carrier with maximum flexibility in processes, equipment and technologies. VersaCold has developed a solution tailored specifically to the food service industry.

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Manufacturer Solutions

You Make It. We’ll Do the Rest.

Our customized manufacturer solutions are based on a deep knowledge of your issues and broad experience in addressing them. Our technology is specifically designed with manufacturing challenges in mind.

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