More Than Just Rubber on the Road

VersaCold is Canada’s largest supply chain company focused exclusively on the handling of temperature sensitive products. More than services, we provide completely integrated and customized solutions to your cold chain integrity and logistics challenges.

VersaCold’s advanced technologies are the leaders in accessibility and information visualization, delivering real-time tracking and inventory management through the ePower client interface. This technology ensures client satisfaction through a North American network of industry-leading facilities and transportation fleets as well as a suite of fully integrated logistics services.

While our technology provides the competitive edge, it is our people who deliver the experience.

They have the expertise and depth of knowledge to improve the performance of your supply chain, helping you realize enhanced efficiencies and reduced costs.

Empowered by a commitment to safety, exceptional service and a culture of continuous innovation, VersaCold works as a trusted and valued partner, enabling your business strategies and revenue growth within highly sensitive and regulated environments.


Cool Since ‘46

Today’s VersaCold started in 1946 as B.C. Ice & Cold Storage Co., serving Vancouver’s fishing industry. In the decades that followed, the company expanded steadily east. By the ’80s we had established a strong base in the west with 8 facilities in BC, Alberta and Washington. A series of mergers and acquisitions throughout the ’90s put VersaCold on the continental and, by 2005, global map, as the purchase of P&O Cold Storage added operations in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

In 2010, we sold our offshore operations and returned to our Canadian roots, using our global knowledge and experience to help our North American clients navigate and improve their increasingly complex supply chains. Today VersaCold operates the largest temperature sensitive logistics network in Canada, with 31 temperature controlled warehouses and distribution centres and a fleet of trucks providing local, regional, national and international transportation across Canada and the United States.

Your Partner for Success

VersaCold’s vision is to enhance our customers’ success and be their most trusted, reliable, long-term partner.

Our vision is supported by:

  • Our purpose of ensuring the safety, quality and freshness of the food families eat
  • Our focus across the entire supply chain network on the movement of temperature-sensitive food
  • Best-in-class food safety, including a commitment to having all of our facilities BRC-certified and transportation equipment that conforms to the highest standards
  • A Cold Chain Assurance team to help support customer food safety initiatives
  • End-to-end supply chain ownership, including warehousing, transportation and integrated logistics


We Put Your Food First

Our culture of innovation and continuous improvement enables us to remain on the cutting edge of temperature-controlled logistics and ensures the safety, quality and freshness of the food families eat.

Our commitment to your food is supported by:

  • Investment in a dedicated Cold Chain Assurance team to protect
    the integrity of our customers’ brand and help ensure the safety, quality
    and freshness of food
  • Supply Chain Solutions engineers who develop customized solutions
    to meet unique customer needs
  • Use of technologies to monitor product quality and improve service delivery
  • Investment in upgrading facilities for BRC certification—the highest
    industry standard
  • Commitment to corporate citizenship through partnership with Food
    Banks Canada


The Future is the Focus

With the dramatic evolution of logistics and supply chains over the last 20 years, the ERP/DRP and modelling applications required to manage, integrate and leverage supply chain data have become critical.

It’s crucial to ensure that supply chain management and execution are aligned with broader corporate strategies. Today, an effective supply chain isn’t just a gain in efficiencies, it’s a competitive edge. VersaCold’s

innovative services and solutions help you gain that edge.

Pascal Truyen

Vice President Sales and Marketing
Phone: 416-951-2175

Pascal Truyen is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VersaCold having joined the organization in 2017. Pascal has over 25 years of progressive business development and sales leadership experience in leading global organizations including Syncreon and Tyco International. He has 18 years of experience in the 3PL space, including in the food industry, offering value add solutions that enhance the success of supply chain customers.

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a member of the Executive Team, Pascal is responsible for leading VersaCold’s solution sales team, driving the marketing strategy, as well as aligning the sales objectives with the business strategy.

Pascal holds BA from the University of Mannheim (Germany) and a degree in engineering from the Lycee Louis Arago of Perpignan (France)

Food Safety

Our Number One Focus

Nothing else we do counts unless we can deliver food safety and cold chain integrity. Our investment in a dedicated food safety and cold chain quality assurance team ensures the integrity, quality and freshness of your products and the health and wellness of the families who enjoy them. No other supply chain company in Canada can match our capability in this area. There are no higher standards than our own.

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Careful What We Leave Behind

Success today shouldn’t come with a price for tomorrow. At VersaCold we are committed to continuously investing in ways to reduce the ecological impact of our facilities, our fleets and every aspect of our operations. One initiative that has seen results is educating our engineering teams and employees on ways to reduce energy consumption at their sites and giving them the advanced tools to do so.

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Integrity That Goes the Distance

Whether you’re looking for expedited or standard, LTL, TL or domestic, we have you covered.

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Integrated Logistics

Partnership with Purpose

We provide integrated cold chain services solutions—including distribution, 3PL and 4PL services—that link directly to your business goals.

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Manufacturer Solutions

You Make It. We’ll Do the Rest.

Our customized manufacturer solutions are based on a deep knowledge of your issues and broad experience in addressing them. Our technology is specifically designed with manufacturing challenges in mind.

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